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Ms. Toni – Owner                                 “I have had the pleasure of working with young children since 1983. There is nothing more rewarding than watching children learn and grow and helping them discover their own strengths and talents. My vision for creating CCC was to help plant the seeds for educating my students and nourishing their growth. I feel very honored to be a part of young children’s education and laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning.”


Ms. Subhana – Director/Lead Teacher                                              “I have been working for CCC since 2015. I believe children have a natural sense of curiosity about their world and it is our job to enhance that curiosity into meaningful learning experiences”


Ms. Jessica – Lead Teacher Assistant Director                             “I have been working for CCC since 2016. I look forward to working with families and creating unique and exciting opportunities to cultivate the learning taking place at the school”


Ms. Kristi – Lead Teacher                  “I have been working for CCC since 2017. I love providing a fun, welcoming, and safe environment for children to discover the world around them. I look forward to fostering a love for learning through creativity, exploration, and lots of laughter and love.”



Belmont Staff

Our Teacher’s Role

At Children’s Creative Center we believe that a high quality early childhood program should first and foremost provide a safe and nurturing environment for children. Our program is aligned with the guidelines set forth by the Illinois Early Learning Standards.

Teachers have the role of facilitator in the classroom; encouraging each child to try a variety of activities and helping develop the necessary skills to be successful in school in the years to come. Children’s Creative Center monitors your child’s progress carefully and applies best practices to improve our teaching techniques and your child’s learning abilities. We encourage a highly productive partnership between teachers, director and parents.

We believe that communication between the teachers and parents is a vital part of providing a quality program and strengthens the learning process. We link parents to what their children are learning at school through daily activity reports, parent bulletin boards and open parent-teacher communications.

Our professional and experienced staff have obtained degrees in Early Childhood Education as required by the State Childcare Licensing division. The teachers directly assist in planning and implementing a developmentally appropriate curriculum for each age level. Teachers and assistants are required to continuously develop and update their teaching skills with outgoing educational programs. CCC staff is certified in CPR, First Aid, Childhood Illnesses and Food Service Sanitation. They are fingerprinted in compliance with DCFS, and background checks are conducted upon hiring.