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Irving Park Programs

Through our program we provide each child with a developmentally appropriate curriculum. The curriculum is based on DCFS guidelines and State and City licensing requirements.

Lesson plans for each classroom are built on skills learned in the previous classroom. We try to meet every child individually at their own level and encourage them to advance to a higher level of understanding. Our teachers participate in on-going training to help maintain the quality of our program.

Our unique center creates a very safe and amazing fun environment where children are encouraged to explore and be creative. Within this setting we are able to offer a style of exciting and interactive learning that gets maximum results from every happy, alert and engaged child.

Two Year Olds

Children in the 2-year-old program are exploring the world around them. Goals for this age group fall into four categories: social, emotional, self-help, and developmental / educational. Social and emotional skills include being able to participate in-group activities, taking turns, showing respect for others, and sharing. Self-help skills include being able to follow simple two-step directions (for example, washing hands and then sitting down at the table), table manners, and toileting. Developmental/ educational goals include manipulation of crayons, paintbrushes, stacking blocks, running, climbing and riding bikes. Children identify basic shapes and colors, count to 20, recite the ABC’s and recognize the first letter of their name. They listen to stories, sing songs, play games, do art projects, develop language and vocabulary skills, as well as movement and sensory motor skills.

Throughout the day the teachers model behavior for the children to follow. Children learn to use the toilet in a stress-free manner. Each day begins with a circle time gathering, where children greet each other, talk about weather and discuss other significant events. The monthly letters, colors and shapes are reviewed. During the day children participate in organized activities (either one-on-one or in small groups). Children enjoy healthy snacks, lunch and play time outdoors.

The day closes with everyone participating in the classroom clean up, then gathering together for circle time that may include stories, music, finger plays and simple games. Parents receive regular feedback from teachers and aides about class activities and programs, and about how their child is progressing. The Children’s Creative center Staff is always available to help during this dynamic and exiting stage in your child’s life.

Three Year Olds

Children in our 3 year-old program are actively involved in meeting new friends and discovering the world around them. They learn basic social and emotional self-help skills and beginning academic skills. Our curriculum is thematically oriented with projects encompassing each special theme. Children enjoy music and computer instruction. All parents are encouraged to visit the classroom and teachers throughout the school year, to review their child’s progress and to learn more about the school’s programs.

Four To Five Year Olds

It is our desire that to provide a quality, educational, preschool experience for each child at Children’s Creative Center. We want to insure the children are in a loving environment at all times. In the 4 and 5 year olds class we provide many activities to ensure that each child’s social and emotional growth is a healthy one. The teachers carefully prepare each activity.

Six Year Olds

We consider Kindergarten one of the most pivotal years in the life of a Children’s Creative Center student. While all the basic subjects are taught, including science, social studies, art, music, computers, handwriting, and Spanish the two primary subjects of focus are reading and math. It’s our philosophy that the students who master these areas will experience a successful and productive educational career. Our curriculum meets state standards for six years olds to make sure your child is prepared to excel at the next level.


We offer software programs that are specially designed to support and enhance the preschool core curriculum.

Our Community

Teachers introduce symbols and people connected to certain holidays and traditions of various cultures. Your child will also discuss the role of animals, plants and insects in our world, and begin the study of maps and globes.